What's On - Kevin Carmichael Stunt Display

Kevin Carmichael will be joining us at the MCN Scottish Festival performing jaw dropping stunts. Since 1997, when stunt riding competitions first began, Kevin Carmichael has become one of the most successful riders in the sport. His stunt riding career began in 1997, just 8 weeks before The European Championship, which he went on to win.

Since then, Kevin has performed in various countries throughout the world, including Japan, Venezuela, South Africa, Finland, Reunion Island, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Romania, Ireland, England, Wales, Namibia, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Bahrain, American, Lithuania, and of course Scotland. Best known for his unique, dynamic and fascinating riding style. Kevin’s tricks have been adopted by professional stunt riders all over the world. Kevin was the first person to wheelie a superbike with no front wheel or forks, and also has achieved this stunt with a passengers. He was also the rider who first started using a brake mounted on the handlebars, which has been copied by every stunt rider in the world!