What's On - Live Music

The MCN Scottish Festival sees live music from top tribute bands throughout the weekend! Expect music both throughout the day and as evening entertainment for weekend campers. Bands booked so far include:

Dirty Harry is the only tribute band for the true Blondie fan. Formed in Edinburgh in early 2011, Dirty Harry was borne out of singing doctor, Sarah Kennedy’s desire to create a act which could play homage to everyone’s favourite rock goddess, Debbie Harry and to the band who practically invented Power Pop, Blondie. Nearly four decades after Blondie emerged onto the anarchic downtown New York punk scene Sarah struck gold on Gumtree and found four of Edinburgh’s finest musicians to complete the line up. In the annuls of rock Blondie is unique; their back catalogue has proven to be timeless and with Ms Harry at the front, whats not to like guys!

Dirty Harry has not only the original sound, feel, attitude, and full back catalogue of the band but a look- a- like of Debbie to deliver the good stuff.

Expect top tunes including: 'Heart Of Glass', 'Call Me', 'Rapture', 'Sunday Girl', 'Dreaming', 'Atomic', 'Hanging on the Telephone', 'Maria', 'One way or Another' Dirty Harry do it all plus plenty more of the best chart toppers and fan’s favourites during the MCN Scottish Festival weekend.

Just Jovi is the result of a six month long nuclear reaction that took place in Edinburgh during 2016. Six men; a scientist, an engineer, three IT guys and a nurse collided in a process of fusion, with just a little fission along the way. When the dust settled, Just Jovi emerged as one seamless entity. Experts say there are only two ways to tell the difference between Just Jovi and Bon Jovi. The first is to listen to the accents in between songs. If they are Scottish, it’s Just Jovi. The second is through visual inspection. Just Jovi sure don’t look much like Jon, Ritchie and co. But the sound? They’ve got that nailed and that’s where “The Experience” comes from. Close your eyes and it’s just like you’re there listening to the great Bon Jovi, live at their very best.

If you like your rock heavy, your guitars loud and your vocals spine-tingling then Shardlake will be right up your street. This electrifying five-piece from Glasgow are one of Scotland’s top classic rock bands. They’ll be turning it up to 11 with some of the greatest rock anthems of all time – from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin and from Rainbow to Guns ‘n’ Roses! See them live at the 2018 MCN Scottish Festival!

Dead Broke & Dirty are a newly minted power house of a band that play a form of bluesy rock 'n' roll that will wow any crowd that likes their music raw. Fronted by Janis Joplin sound-a-like Sara and driven by Wilko Johnston influenced guitarist Phil both ably backed by the engine room that is Ru and Anne on drums and bass they play a wide variety of classics from the likes of Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone, Rolling Stones, T-Rex, Depeche Mode and Ted Nugent. See them live on Sunday at the 2018 MCN Scottish Festival!